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Alisa Volkova (Rus): Stories about them. Homeless portraits

Tampere | Pispalan nykytaiteen keskus Hirvitalo

When I first time thought up an idea to portray homeless peoples faces, it seemed to be difficult to do it technically: how will I ask them to sit for a portrait? Before too long I found the charity foundation, that has The Charity Bus - for food, drugs and clothes delivery for homeless people. And in this contest, it seemed to be appropriate to take photos. I remember these peoples faces very well and then in my atelier I draw them by heart. Initially, I thought up an idea to draw them with the purpose to show how their hard life had left an impact on their faces, but afterward, Ive changed the concept - when Id learned them better and listened to their life stories, Ive got more interested in human and spiritual aspects of their personalities than in their appearance.


Ajalla 15.6.–7.7.

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Pispalan nykytaiteen keskus Hirvitalo




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