Strong Nation HIIT

Tampere | Hervannan vapaa-aikakeskus, iso balettisali

Is high intensity moves such as high knees, burpees, jumping jacks, etc. are interchanged
with lower intensity moves like lunges, jump rope, kickboxing throughout
the entire workout. The Strong Nation program is designed to get body
defining results and significantly improve all aspects of fitness so strength,
stamina, cardio power, mobility, balance, etc.
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  • ti 15.9. klo 19–20
  • ti 6.10. klo 19–20
  • ti 27.10. klo 19–20
  • ti 17.11. klo 19–20
  • ti 8.12. klo 19–20


Hervannan vapaa-aikakeskus, iso balettisali




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