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Online: British Accent - Authentic Standard English (Received Pronunciation)

Tampere | Online/Internet

British Voice coach, Yvonne Morley-Chisholm will take you through a five week course to learn an authentic Standard English accent. As an actor, whether you work on stage, screen or in the voice studio, this will boost your casting options and add to your overall professional development. It will also appeal to anyone who is a public speaker or who depends on English language communication in their profession.

This course will focus on acquiring the practical skills to delivering the accent under performance pressure. The course will cover the basics and then take you beyond them into advanced work around inhabiting character and applying this to production work.

You will have the opportunity to perform and receive personal feedback. You"ll leave this course with skills that you can apply right away as well as practice techniques to continue your progress.

For more information please visit our webpage: https://www.actorsacademy.fi/online-british-accent-april


Ajalla 5.4.–3.5.

  • ma klo 17–19





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